Professional Plastic Machinery Supplier

Comprehensive Product Line

HLD offers a wide range of products, including "Parallel Twin Screw Extruders," "Single Screw Extruders," and various screw elements and kneading elements, covering diverse extrusion and mixing requirements.

High-Quality Raw Materials

Our products are made from top-grade, high-hardness materials such as Gonggang W6MO5Cr4V2 nitriding steel and 38CrMOALA, ensuring durability and stability.

Providing Customization Services

We offer design and manufacturing services, and if conditions permit, on-site measurement services to meet personalized extrusion and mixing requirements.

Machine Solutions

Our comprehensive plastic project services provide turnkey solutions

We specialize in high-quality plastic granulators for efficient recycling processes, ensuring optimal productivity and environmental, from design to implementation, meeting your specific needs and delivering exceptional results.

With precision manufacturing, we produce top-notch machine parts that guarantee reliability, performance, and durability, tailored to your requirements.

Unlock Production Potential

From customized machines to top-quality materials and equipment, HLD offers tailored solutions for your unique production needs.

Who is HLD

HLD is a professional manufacturing company specializing in research, development, design, and production of high-quality machinery products, including “parallel twin-screw extruders,” “single-screw extruders,” as well as screw elements and kneading elements.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the plastic machinery industry, we are one of the famous machinery manufacturers in China. Sales in 2022 exceed $18 million. Perfect biodegradable formula and mechanical equipment. We hope that in the future, we can join the ranks of environmental protection and earth care.

At HLD, with extensive experience and advanced technology, we provide customized extrusion and mixing solutions for our clients.

Leading Technology

innovation and cutting-edge tech

Quality Assurance

ensuring customer satisfaction

Customized Solutions

any requirement, material, label.

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