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Twin Screw Granulation Extruder

December 10, 2022

Twin screw extruder is a common plastic processing equipment that can melt plastic materials and extrude them into shape. It is one of the widely used equipment in industry and daily life. This article will introduce the working principle, application fields, and future development of twin screw extruders.

Operational principle

Similar to a single screw extruder, its core is composed of two rotating screws rotating in opposite directions simultaneously, causing the plastic material to melt and extrude forward. This structure can improve the uniformity of plastic mixing, reduce defects such as internal fractures and bubbles, increase production efficiency, and is suitable for producing high-quality products.

Application area

Widely used in the manufacturing process of various industries, especially in industries such as plastic product production, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. For example, plastic products include beverage bottles, food packaging bags, toothbrushes, shoe boxes, etc. Twin screw extruders can help plastic materials melt and then be extruded into shape. In terms of food processing, twin screw extruders can produce foods such as candy, chocolate, and chewing gum, enabling them to reach various forms. In the field of medicine and cosmetics, it can be used to produce capsules, oral liquid bottles, lotion, face cream, etc. of various colors and shapes.

Future development

As an important processing equipment, twin screw extruders will also be further developed and applied in the future. Among them, some key technologies are constantly being updated, such as strengthening the emphasis on green environmental protection, as well as improving production efficiency and product quality. Meanwhile, with the continuous progress of technology, more and more new materials will be used, and twin screw extruders will demonstrate their advantages in a wider range of applications.


In short, twin screw extruders, as an important plastic processing equipment, play an important role in various industries. Its simple working principle, wide application fields, and broad future development prospects will undoubtedly become one of the key technologies in the next era.