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Henglande invites you to Qingdao Rubber & Plastic Exhibition

July 25, 2023

Henglande invites you to Qingdao Rubber & Plastic Exhibition

July 18-21, 2023
The 20th Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Center (West Coast New District)
Nanjing Henglande Machinery Booth No.:Hall N6 B66
The exhibition ended perfectly, thanks to new and old friends to visit our booth

  • The exhibition coincides with the Beer Festival

A beer festival with Qingdao characteristics,Realizing the cross-border fusion of plastics & beer.Industry elites, gathered in the island city,Raise a glass of wine and explore business opportunities for cooperation.Because more clinking of glasses leads to more clinking of glasses.HLD company’s strong team lineup,Gold Engineer, Senior Sales Consultant.They will introduce  patiently
They will answer scientifically.Anyone who’s interested, they’ll be unbeatably enthusiastic.The experience pulls straight through

Because HLD always believe that doing everything that can be done will lead to good results!

  • New showcase

HLD Nanjing actively participated in the exhibition with 36 three-screw extruders, barrels, threaded components, etc. The booth attracted many new and old customers to negotiate and consult. Through the on-site professional explanation and communication, and the in-depth negotiation with new and old customers, HLD has been able to expand its influence in the domestic and foreign markets, and set up a **platform for the further development of the mainland and the whole Asia-Pacific market, and at the same time, to further recognize and get closer to the Asia-Pacific market through this exhibition. During the exhibition, HLD’s hard-working and honest way of doing things as well as professional service concepts were highly evaluatedby the visitors and the charm of HLD brand was bloomed!

  • Exhibition machine

The exhibition machine is a three-screw extruder pelletizing line, including feed drum, extruder, water puller, conveyor, pelletizer, stainless steel silo,Motor power 22 kW, maximum output up to 100 kg per hour.Can be applied to PE, PP, Nylon and other plastics.The grains are beautifully cut and uniform in size.

  • Conclusion

HLD has been participating in Qingdao Plastics Exhibition for many years, brand promotion and establishment is a long and persistent process, HLD firmly believes in this. Therefore, even in such a severe situation, as long as the conditions permit, HLD will continue to meet with partners from all over the world to exchange ideas face to face and bring enough confidence to customers.

And we met with partners from all over the world as scheduled, we met many old customers at the booth and let more new friends know HLD. the overall quality of the customers at the exhibition is greatly improved, the customers who came to the exhibition are all with very clear goals, and also very accurate to talk to you about some projects. They are also able to talk to you precisely about some cooperation programs of the project. We will remember all the encounters at the exhibition, every time “you” stepped into HLD booth, it made us more interactive and close to each other.