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Specification of the underwater pelletizer system: three special applications.

August 10, 2023

Many types of soft materials, such as TPE / TPV / EVA / hot melt adhesives, can only be produced by underwater pelletizing systems.

Water Tank heaters and water level and temperature control

Powder dewatering system with filter with rotating belt and servomotor automatic discharge

Dewatering system and additional fan to remove moisture

Water-cooled tube flow control and indication on touch screen

Heat exchangers are easy to clean

A pneumatically operated valve controls the flow of external cooling water, linking the interlock to the water temperature of the tank.

There are three special applications that can only be handled by an underwater ball-making system:

① Diameter of round microspheres ≤1mm

Because of their small particle size, micro-pellets are more uniform and spread more evenly than traditional primary polymers. In contrast, traditional master batches must use “normal” sized particles at higher doses to achieve the desired effect.

As a result, the use of micropellets requires less colorant, resulting in significant cost savings for master batches of extremely expensive crude oils compared to polymers. Master batch shapes of micropellets are easier to handle, better dosed and dust free.

Round pellets can only be pelletized with an underwater pelletizing system.

② High output

  It is difficult to handle outputs in excess of 1000 kg/hour with other types of pelletizing systems. Underwater pelletizing systems can handle outputs of up to 50 tons/hour.

③ The hardness of soft materials is less than 40

Many types of soft materials, such as TPE/EVA/hot melt adhesives, can only be pelletized by underwater pelletizing systems.

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