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The advantages of twin-screw extruder is introduced, quick collection!

August 18, 2023

Twin-screw extruder is one of the more popular types of modern plastics processing equipment. Compared with the traditional single-screw extruder, the twin-screw extruder has the following advantages: the twin-screw extruder can process raw materials into molded products faster during the extrusion process. And because the twin screws of a twin-screw extruder can work at the same time, it saves more time and energy than a single-screw extruder.

Twin-screw extruder has higher precision and can better control the size and shape of the product. In addition, since the raw materials can be evenly mixed during the extrusion process, the extruded products are more homogeneous, bubble-free and free of impurities. Twin-screw extruders can process a wider variety of materials, such as heat-sensitive, viscous, polymers, liquid crystals, and so on, and are applicable to a wider range of material particles, which can be handled with smaller or larger diameters.

Although the price of twin-screw extruder is a bit higher than that of single-screw extruder, in the long run, due to higher productivity and better product quality, it can save more chemical raw materials and processing costs, so it is more cost-effective in general. In short, the twin-screw extruder is an indispensable part of modern plastics processing equipment, by virtue of its high efficiency and high quality features, so that people’s production and life become better!

The twin-screw extruder of Henglande is running at high speed, constantly transforming plastic granules of various colors and shapes into high-quality plastic products. I saw their vivid images: those seemingly simple products, after countless extrusion, mixing, pressurization, cooling, cutting and other processes, before they can become works of art in the true sense of the word. My mood also became excited and exhilarated: it turns out that every detail can affect the success or failure of the product, and every little arrangement has its own unique charm.

For consumers of plastic products, we are sometimes not just buying a simple tool or toy, we are experiencing a well-designed, precision-processed works of art, feel the beauty of industry and civilization. And all of this can not be separated from those silent twin-screw extruder. Twin-screw extruder as a widely used in the field of plastics processing of efficient extrusion equipment, with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

The twin-screw extruder offers higher productivity than the single-screw extruder. The synchronized rotation of the twin screws allows the plastic to be melted and extruded more uniformly, resulting in higher productivity. Twin-screw extruders are also more accurate in terms of control. By adjusting and monitoring parameters such as twin-screw speed, temperature, pressure, etc., the extrusion process can be more accurately controlled to produce higher quality products.

Twin-screw extruders have a higher cost compared to single-screw extruders. This is due to the fact that twin-screw extruders are more complex and require more sophisticated machining techniques, resulting in higher manufacturing costs. The structure of twin screw extruder is more complex as compared to single screw extruder and hence it is bigger in size. This makes it somewhat more difficult to install and maintain the equipment and takes up more production space.

The operation and maintenance of twin-screw extruder requires higher technical level. Because the structure of the twin-screw extruder is more complex, requires more stringent conditions of use and maintenance requirements, thus requiring equipment operators to have a higher level of technical skills. In short, the twin-screw extruder has superior performance in terms of production efficiency and processing accuracy, but there are also certain shortcomings. Therefore, the choice of equipment needs to be based on the actual needs of a comprehensive consideration!