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Face-to-face communication and heart-to-heart service at Henglande

September 15, 2023

Customers from Libya traveled to China this week to visit the Henglund factory.

With the excellent product quality and high quality service, Henglade still attracted interested customers from home and abroad to come to consult and visit for negotiation. The super popularity, attentive service and abundant products left a deep impression on the customers.

As the birthplace and stage of the machine, the factory communicated with more friends and gained more customers’ attention, which brought more than just business cooperation to the customers who came to visit us, but also sat down, chatted, exchanged, and discussed like friends, enjoying the ultimate experience we gave to our customers!

When you walk into Henglade, you will find the patience of the sales staff, the careful guidance of the technicians, and the angelic smile of the logistics staff, which make the visiting customers experience our products better!

Good time is always short, if you are interested in extruders, if you haven’t come to our factory yet, please hurry, Henglade is still waiting for you at the old place, see you then!