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The reborn me is “screw Component”

October 20, 2023

Plastic granulator screw elements/Screw sleeve/ Cut block/Knead the blocks

Screw components/Screw parts/Screw structural parts/screw shaft/barrel/parallel twin screw extruder/ZME gear disc


Plastic extruder screw elements are usually provided by professional extruder manufacturers to ensure that their quality and performance meet standards. These components are often custom-made and need to be designed and manufactured to the specific extruder model and specifications.

When selecting extruder screw elements, the following factors need to be considered:

1. Extruder models and specifications: Different models and specifications of extruders require different screw elements to ensure their suitability and performance.

2. Plastic type: Different plastic types require different screw elements to ensure the processing quality and output of plastics.

3. Material and hardness of screw elements: The material and hardness of screw elements will affect the performance and service life of the plastic extruder, so appropriate materials and hardness need to be selected.

4. Surface finish and precision of screw components: Surface finish and precision will affect the production efficiency and product quality of the plastic extruder, so it is necessary to choose screw components with high precision and high finish.

In summary, there are many factors to consider when selecting plastic extruder screw elements, including extruder model and specifications, plastic type, material and hardness, surface finish and accuracy. It is recommended to choose a professional extruder manufacturer and fully communicate and negotiate with it to ensure the most suitable screw components are selected. Of course, we can delve deeper into some of the key factors regarding screw elements in plastic extruders:

5. Design of screw components: The design of screw components has an important impact on their working performance. This includes screw shape, pitch, helix angle and other parameters. These design factors will directly affect the flow characteristics, mixing quality, pressure distribution and extrusion output of the plastic in the extruder.

6. Wear resistance and fatigue resistance: The screw components of the extruder need to work under conditions of high temperature, high pressure, and high friction for a long time. Therefore, the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of these components are very important. High-quality materials and advanced heat treatment technology can greatly increase the service life of screw components.

7. Cleaning and maintenance: Since the plastic extruder generates a lot of heat and pressure when working, daily cleaning and maintenance are essential. Correct cleaning methods prevent plastic residues from solidifying in the screw elements, thus ensuring the normal operation of the extruder.

8. Installation and Disassembly: Installation and disassembly of screw elements are also factors to consider. Some well-designed screw elements can be easily installed on the extruder spindle without the need for special tools or equipment. Likewise, they should be able to be easily removed and replaced when replacement or repair is required.

In summary, selecting the right plastic extruder screw element requires a comprehensive consideration of several factors, including design, material, hardness, surface finish and accuracy, wear and fatigue resistance, cleaning and maintenance, and installation and disassembly. When choosing, try to choose products that are fully proven and widely used to ensure the best performance and production efficiency.

The “screw element” in the parallel twin-screw granulator is also called the “shear block”, “kneading block” and “screw sleeve”. They are the core components of the parallel twin-screw granulator, which shear and convey plastic raw materials.

The design and manufacture of shear blocks need to be based on materials of different types and viscosities, as well as specific processing requirements. Their surfaces are usually made of highly wear-resistant materials to cope with frequent shear and friction. At the same time, the gap and position accuracy of the shearing block are key factors affecting the material shearing and conveying effect, so precise adjustment and maintenance are required.

In addition, cleaning and maintenance of the shear block are also essential. Since they are in direct contact with materials, they must be kept clean to avoid contamination of materials. Generally speaking, shear blocks should be inspected and cleaned regularly, including regular inspections of their surface condition, lubrication, and cleanliness.

At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the shear block and extend its service life, correct operation and maintenance are also very important. For example, you should regularly check whether the bolts of the shear block are tight, whether the lubrication is normal, and whether the clearance of the shear block is appropriate.

In general, the screw element is a crucial component in the parallel twin-screw granulator. Its design, manufacturing, cleaning, maintenance and operation directly affect production efficiency and product quality. Therefore, we must pay enough attention and carry out correct maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it is always in the best working condition.