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PET bottle flakes crushing and recycling granulation

November 3, 2023

PET bottle recycling granulation production line/crusher/granule machine

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PET bottle flake recycling and granulation is a common processing method for plastic recycling, which mainly involves crushing, washing, drying and granulating waste PET bottles through physical recycling methods.

Firstly, the recycled waste PET bottles are crushed to make them into various fragmented shapes. Then, cleaning steps such as hot washing, friction washing, dewatering and drying are carried out to remove impurities and stains from the crushed plastic flakes to obtain clean plastic flakes. Next, these clean plastic flakes are again pulverized and processed into smaller sized plastics, which are then fed into a waste plastic granulator to be made into plastic pellets.

This treatment can realize the high value and green recycling of PET bottles and avoid the environmental pollution problem. Meanwhile, after PET bottles are recycled and granulated, they can be used to make staple fibers or to make filaments after viscosification, which are widely used in daily life. Adopting Purui process can make PET bottle recycling and granulation become simple and easy to realize.

The process of PET bottle flakes recycling and granulation can be divided into the following steps:

1. Pre-treatment: Before starting the recycling and pelletizing process, the collected used PET bottles need to be pre-treated. This includes the removal of any residues in the bottles such as liquids, chips, labels, etc. This step can be carried out manually or mechanically.

2. Washing: After pre-treatment, the PET bottle flakes need to be thoroughly cleaned. This involves the use of hot water, detergents and mechanical friction to remove dirt and impurities from the surface of the bottle flakes. After washing, the PET bottle flakes should appear clean and transparent.

3. Drying: After cleaning, PET bottle flakes need to be dried to remove moisture from their surface. This can be done by hot air, infrared rays, etc. After drying, the PET bottle flakes should be dry and water-free.

4. Crushing: After drying, PET bottle flakes need to be crushed to break them into smaller pieces. This can be done through equipment such as crushers, mills, etc. The crushed PET bottle flakes should present a uniform and fine state.

5. Granulation: The crushed PET bottle flakes need to be fed into a granulator to make them into plastic pellets. During the granulation process, factors such as temperature, pressure and time need to be controlled to ensure the shape and quality of the plastic pellets. The resulting PET pellets should be uniform and spherical in shape.

6. Post-processing: The manufactured PET plastic pellets require post-processing to remove impurities and air bubbles from them. This can be done by means of screening, air flow etc. The treated PET plastic pellets can be used to make various plastic products.

Overall, the process of recycling and pelletizing PET bottle flakes requires several steps to ensure the efficiency of recycling and the quality of the products. Also, the process requires the use of specialized equipment and skills to ensure the accuracy and safety of the operation.

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