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3D filament extruder

3D filament extruder is a desktop twin-screw extruder, which is independently developed by our company. 3D printer filament making machine adopts the latest precision extrusion technology, and the tolerance of consumables is within ±0.03mm. 3D filament making machine can be used to test different formulations, trial production. 3D filament extrusion machine is suitable for experiments and small-scale production of 3D materials such as thermoplastics PA, PET, PETG, PVA, PVC, PE, PP, normal temperature materials such as ABS、PLA、HIPS、PETG、NYLON、PC and high temperature materials such as PEEK/PEI/carbon fiber. 3D printer filament making machine has the characteristics of stable tolerance and neat winding. 3D filament making machine is economical for mass production. Our 3D printer filament extrusion line can produce PLA filament, PETG filament, wood filament, TPU filament, rainbow filament, transparent PLA, carbon fiber PLA filament, silk filament and other 3D materials.

Screw Diameter(mm): 35/45
L/D Ratio: 28:1(optional)
Motor Power(kW): 18~40
Max. rotating speed(rpm): 0~600
Max.Temp.( ℃): 600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃): ±0.02

Product Details

3D filament extrusion machine is very suitable for the development and experimentation of new 3D printing materials and printing processes. 3D filament extrusion machine is a key device in a 3D printer, responsible for moving, heating, pushing the filament, melting it, placing it on the bed, building a model by depositing the filament layer by layer, and producing a plastic filament of a specified diameter through the corresponding mold . The extruder features minimal material usage, a segmented screw design, and a removable upper barrel for easy cleanup and reduced turnaround time. The specific working process is: after setting the desired extrusion temperature and allowing time to warm up, fill the granules and colorants you choose into the hopper, and then turn on the gear motor. The plastic will be extruded through the nozzle and then coiled up.

A 3D printer extruder is made up of many different tools that do different jobs. Rod heaters are used to melt the input material. The screw is used to feed the input material longitudinally along the barrel. The screw consists of three parts: feed zone, melt zone and transition zone. The incoming raw material is melted using rod heaters. Use two temperature zones and six stick heaters for maximum efficiency. Analog temperature controllers are used to control the temperature of the two heater zones. The diameter of the wire can be further reduced by using a DC motor to pull the wire out of the die. As 3D printing technology becomes more and more popular, people’s demand for 3D printing consumables is also increasing. Nanjing Hengland Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years of rich experience in the extruder industry, specializing in 3D printing filament production lines. Our company can be customized according to customers’ requirements, so our customers are all over the world.

  • Specially manufactured screw and barrel to guarantee precision and quality
  • International brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed
  • SIEMENS touching screen PLC control system,highly intelligent, easy to operate.

Application Scope of the 3D filament extruder

  • Material melting, plasticizing and extruding
  • Compounding, mixing, and kneading process parameter optimization
  • Application:process certain granular plastics; Processing shredded 3D printing waste from PLA, ABS and PETG; Development and experimentation of new 3D printing materials and printing processes;Production of PLA filament, PETG filament, wood filament, TPU filament, rainbow filament, transparent PLA, carbon fiber PLA filament, silk filament and other 3D materials etc.
  • Applicable materials:PA、PET、PETG、PVA、PVC、PE、PP; ABS、PLA、HIPS、PETG、NYLON、PC; PEEK、PEI、carbon fiber etc.

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Parameter Description
Screw Diameter(mm) 35/45
L/D Ratio 28:1(optional)
Motor Power(kW) 18~40
Max. rotating speed(rpm) 0~600
Max.Temp.( ℃) 600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃) ±0.02
Screw tolerance(mm) ±0.001~0.01
Output(kg/h) 8~15/18~25
Weight(kg) 2100~2300
Diemension(mm) 13000~15000×100~1500×2300~26000

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