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Biodegradable bag production line

Bag making machine is to make all kinds of plastic bags or bags of other materials, its processing range for a variety of sizes, thicknesses and specifications of different plastic or other materials of the bag, generally speaking to the plastic bags as the main products, biodegradable bag production line can be used for garbage bags, jewelry bags, undershirt bags, food bags, plastic film, garment bags of bag production.

Model Bag making machine
Bag width: 0.008-0.10mm
Bag thickness: 18~40
Bag length: 0~600
Bag-making speed: 120-240pcs/min
Machine weight: 1600kg
Machine power: 2.2KW

Product Details

High-speed double-layer heat-seal cold-cut flat bag bag making machine:

  1. PE bag making machine is a special equipment for heat sealing and cold cutting of vest bags. It can automatically punch holes with double-line bag making machines, increase the output of milk tea bags and plastic bags, and save manpower.
  2. The plastic bag making machine is double track, double production line, double printing bag, double servo motor.
  3. The double-layer bag making machine has electric eye sensor tracking, and the printing pattern is accurate. When the electric eye fails, the bag making machine will automatically stop and warn.
  4. The host motor of the flat bag bag making machine is controlled by an inverter, which is easy to operate and reduces power consumption.
  5. The flat bag production equipment has an automatic stop device when there is no material.
  6. When the non-stretch flat bag reaches the set number of sheets, the punching machine will clamp the bag immediately and continue feeding without stopping.
  7. The newly designed sealing knife structure of the multifunctional bag making machine. When the sealing knife needs to be cleaned, the sealing knife can be flipped 180° and fixed for cleaning. It is safe, reliable and easier to maintain.
  8. The fully automatic bag making machine produces neat bags and seals them firmly.
  9. The opp bag making machine adopts a gas-hydraulic pressurized cylinder punching machine, which has low noise and low air consumption.

Dual-channel high-speed bag making machine

This machine uses HDPE, LDPE, and other biodegradable materials as raw materials to produce natural color and printed vest bags. It adopts computer programming control system and servo motor to automatically fix the length, and completes feeding, back sealing, cutting, punching and conveying at one time.

  1. Equipped with two servo motor control systems and computer control, LPC LCD screen display and Panasonic photoelectric eye tracking control, the operation is intuitive and convenient, and two color printed bags can be produced at the same time.
  2. The main machine adopts high-quality frequency converter to simulate speed regulation and automatic feeding system to ensure stable bag making and accurate sealing and cutting. Automatic punch and folding device, conveyor belt bag feeding function, easy to collect.
  3. It is equipped with a pneumatic lifting and discharging rack for easy film installation and an air-expanding discharging shaft.
  4. The air-blowing discharging system, combined with the bag bottom shaping design, ensures neat bag collection and accurate clamping and punching positions.
  5. The imported cutter uses electric current to heat independently, and the high-precision temperature controller automatically controls the temperature. It is easy to operate and has accurate temperature control.
  6. The whole machine adopts IC electronic circuit automatic control, socket-type design, easy to replace; and has the function of shutting down when there is no material, when the material is cut off, or when the material is blocked.

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Parameter Description
Model Bag making machine
Bag width: 200-450 mm ×2
Bag thickness: 0.01-0.05mm
Bag length: 300-600mm×2
Bag-making speed: 200-250pcs/min×2
Machine weight: 2600kg
Machine power: 15KW

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In 2022, sales exceeded 18 million US dollars. Complete biodegradable formula and machinery, We hope in the future, I can join the ranks of protecting the environment and caring for the earth.