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Plastic masterbatch machine

Screw elements are slid onto a spline shaft to achieve higher torque and higher screw channel volume for even higher throughput. Versatile machine for melting, plasticizing and shaping polymeric materials. Create an intelligent, high-precision, flexible manufacturing master-batch extrusion line suitable for various applications. Flexible and efficient solutions for your specific need about masterbatch plastic pelletizer. This model compounder is specially designed for the trial-level or entry-level user, or the small scale production of color masterbatch and some functional masterbatch.

Screw Diameter(mm): 21/35.6/50
L/D Ratio: 36~55 :1
Motor Power(kW): 5.5/7.5/18.5/22/30/45/55
Max. rotating speed(rpm): 600
Max.Temp.( ℃): 0~600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃): ±0.1~0.5

Product Details

The newly designed torque distribution system, high-precision grinding of hardened gear teeth,imported high quality key bearings,and the interlocking of lubrication system are among the reasons for the good reliability of Shengchi’ s products.

Granulating aystem includes water-trough Shrand pelletizing, air-cooling shrand pelletizing,air-cooling deface cutting,water-ring die-face cutting,eccentric hot face cutting with special cooling,and underwater pelletizing. Our engineers will recommend you with the best suitable way of granulating according to your material characteristics,and process requirements.
The key components in the electric control system are all imported very reliable instruments. Simulating control panel,and PCC control are also provided upon request besides the shandard control mode.
Due to its low vibration and low noise level,the main extruder can be installed on most solid grounds with no need for any special base.

  • Screw element, barrel, gearbox, own production, greatly improve product precision.
  • 7*24 hours, online service, provide technical support and help, after-sales worry free.
  • With safety protection system, voltage, temperature, melt pressure, overload automatic shutdown.

Application Scope of the Master-batch plastic pelletizer

  • Material melting, plasticizing and extruding
  • Compounding, mixing, and kneading process parameter optimization
  • Application:Filling Masterbatch, Function Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch, Flame retardant Masterbatch, defoaming Masterbatch, anti-ultraviolet Masterbatch, conductive Masterbatch, anti-static Masterbatch, etc.
  • Applicable materials:PP, PA, ABS, PBT + flame retardant agent and other assistants: combustion Masterbatch; PE, PP, PS + starch: degradable Masterbatch; PE+ antifogging agent, stabilizer: double- Masterbatch; PE, EVA, ABS + Black: Black Masterbatch; PE, PP, ABS, AS, PA, EVA, PET + pigments and additives etc; PLA PBS PBAT PEEK PS PA LCP PPR CaCo3 and so on.

If you have some problems about Master-batch plastic pelletizer, or want to know more details about Master-batch plastic pelletizer etc. Welcome to contact us!


Parameter Description
Screw Diameter(mm) 21/35.6/50
L/D Ratio 36~55 :1
Motor Power(kW) 5.5/7.5/18.5/22/30/45/55
Max. rotating speed(rpm) 0~600
Max.Temp.( ℃) 600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃) ±0.1~0.5
Screw tolerance(mm) ±0.001~0.01
Output(kg/h) 5~25/60~100/150
Weight(kg) 800~3000
Diemension(mm) 1500~6500×600×1500

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About HLD Comapny

Has more than 20 years of experience in the plastic machinery industry,It is a well-known machine manufacturer in China.

In 2022, sales exceeded 18 million US dollars. Complete biodegradable formula and machinery, We hope in the future, I can join the ranks of protecting the environment and caring for the earth.