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PET bottle recycling granulator

PET bottle recycling extruder has good stability, high efficiency, and strong applicability. PET bottle recycling pelletizer is suitable for the recycling and granulation of waste materials with high processing performance requirements such as melting, volatilization, and filtration.PET bottle recycling Plastic granules making machine gently melts pre-compacted PET scraps,cooling, drying, cutting , the final product is PET plastic pellets, which can produce new PET plastic products.

Screw Diameter(mm): 50/62.4/71.5
L/D Ratio: 40~48 :1
Motor Power(kW): 55/75/90/132
Max. rotating speed(rpm): 0~600
Max.Temp.( ℃): 0~600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃): ±0.01

Product Details

Nanjing Hengland Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and manufacturer engaged in the R&D and production of plastic granulator and waste plastic recycling cleaning line. Its main plastic recycling equipment includes: plastic film granulator, plastic bag granulator, plastic bottle granulator, fabric/fiber recycling granulator, thermoforming plastic granulation line, cutting compaction feeding plastic granulator, Waste film recycling and cleaning line, waste bottle recycling and cleaning line, raffia bag recycling and cleaning equipment, PP PE ABS PC plastic recycling line, etc. Among them, PET bottle recycling Plastic pelletizing machine adopts a dual-zone vacuum degassing system to effectively remove volatiles such as low molecular weight and moisture, and is especially suitable for thick and heavy waste PET bottles. PET bottle recycling plastic pelletizing extruder is ideal for continuous operation 7 days a week in harsh conditions while meeting all safety guidelines to protect machine operators. PET bottle recycling plastic pelletizing extrusion machine can be integrated without problems into existing recycling lines or used as a stand-alone machine. If required, PET bottle recycling Twin screw extruder can also provide sorting systems for separating various secondary raw materials. PET bottle recycling Double screw extruder can be used after starting up without preheating; PET bottle recycling Twin screw extrusion machine saves space and energy; the production process is smoke-free, tasteless, low-noise, no water, and environmentally friendly.

The PET bottle recycling production line is used for crushing, cleaning, separating bottle caps and labels, removing impurities and glue, drying bottle plates, and finally discarded PET bottles will become recycled PET materials. The individual PET bottles are fed continuously into the cutting chamber via a conveyor belt. Huge, angled rotor knives with opposing angled counter knives create a very tight cutting gap and slice the bottle into thin slices. Special rotors can be cut diagonally, which minimizes energy consumption. The lower part of the housing houses a large sieve, which holds the PET flakes in the cutting chamber until they are discharged through the sieve holes. The mesh size can be selected, which determines the size of the flakes and the productivity of the granulator. After cutting, the material is suctioned pneumatically and conveyed into a cleaning system where the PET flakes are separated from the PE still contained in the cap. The resulting secondary raw material can be recycled in a number of different ways. They are often reused to make PET bottles. Additionally, they are used in the manufacture of carpets and textiles. In addition, according to different production capacity and cleaning requirements, we have multiple PET bottle recycling production lines with different standards. Customers can choose the most suitable PET bottle recycling equipment to produce high-quality material, which can be used for sales, drawing, producing PET pellets or blown bottles.

  • Specially manufactured screw and barrel to guarantee precision and quality
  • International brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed
  • SIEMENS touching screen PLC control system,highly intelligent, easy to operate.

Application Scope of the PET bottle recycling granulator

  • Material melting, plasticizing and extruding
  • Compounding, mixing, and kneading process parameter optimization
  • Application:Blending modification, Filling modification, Function Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch, Glass fiber/ carbon fiber reinforced, Various cables, Special masterials, The extrusion, Exhaust devolatilization, Powder coating
  • Applicable materials:Recycling and granulation of PET bottle flakes,Waste PET sheets and PET packaging containers, fibers, packaging sheets, tapes, PE, PP, PO, PVC, EVA, non-woven fabrics and other scraps, coils, bulk materials and other waste materials; PE, PP, PS+ SBS; PA +NBR; EVA + silicone rubber; PE, PP, EVA + calcium carbonate, talc, titanium dioxide; ABS, PC; PS + aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, antimony oxide; PP, PA, ABS, PBT + flame retardant agent and other assistants: combustion Masterbatch; PE, PP, ABS, AS, PA, EVA, PET + pigments and additives etc. PP, PE and other plastics can be recycled with single screw.

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Parameter Description
Screw Diameter(mm) 50/62.4/71.5
L/D Ratio 40~48 :1
Motor Power(kW) 55/75/90/132
Max. rotating speed(rpm) 0~600
Max.Temp.( ℃) 0~600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃) ±0.01
Screw tolerance(mm) ±0.001~0.01
Output(kg/h) 150/250~350/500~650
Weight(kg) 4500~7000
Diemension(mm) 10000~35000×700×2100

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