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Plastic recycle pelletizer

Plastic recycling is an effective way to protect the environment. Common plastic films, toys, plates, buckets, etc., can be recycled. Single screw recycling granulation line, simple and efficient. Models such as 100/120/150/180 are commonly used.

Screw Diameter(mm): 100/120/150/180
L/D Ratio: 20~38 :1
Motor Power(kW): 30/37/75/90
Max. rotating speed(rpm): 600
Max.Temp.( ℃): 0~600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃): ±0.1~0.5

Product Details

Extruder gear box with hard tooth surface ensures stable operation; traditional relay electrical control is adopted; temperature control is adjusted by advanced digital temperature control meter PID;

The main machine and feeding realize interlocking control; the operation panel has control systems such as heating disconnection alarm and main and auxiliary machine operation.

  • Specially manufactured screw and barrel to guarantee precision and quality
  • International brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed
  • SIEMENS touching screen PLC control system,highly intelligent, easy to operate.

Application Scope of the Recycle pelletizer

  • Material melting, plasticizing and extruding
  • Extrusion process parameters optimization
  • mainly used to process the melt with venting or vacuum sucking function foe recycling pelletization and products extrusion, typically including polyoefin and engineering
  • recycling pelletization engineering plastic direct profiles such as PET, PA, PBT, ABS, PC
    Recycled applications: film recycling, bottle flake recycling, hard toy recycling

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Parameter Description
Screw Diameter(mm) 100/120/150/180
L/D Ratio 20~38 :1
Motor Power(kW) 30/37/75/90
Max. rotating speed(rpm) 0~600
Max.Temp.( ℃) 600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃) ±0.1~0.5
Screw tolerance(mm) ±0.001~0.01
Output(kg/h) 120~200/200~300/250~350/300~450
Weight(kg) 3500~7000
Diemension(mm) 3000~7000×700×1700

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About HLD Comapny

Has more than 20 years of experience in the plastic machinery industry,It is a well-known machine manufacturer in China.

In 2022, sales exceeded 18 million US dollars. Complete biodegradable formula and machinery, We hope in the future, I can join the ranks of protecting the environment and caring for the earth.