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Two stage granule making machine

Two stage pelletizer extruder,Also called double stage pelletizing line. double screw + single screw, reinforced compound extrusion, so that particularly difficult polymers, effectively compound together.Especially suitable for cable raw materials, raw materials that are difficult to plasticize, high-performance raw materials.

Screw Diameter(mm): 52-120/65-150/75-180/95-200
L/D Ratio: 24~64 & 7~20
Motor Power(kW): 30~250
Max. rotating speed(rpm): 0~500
Max.Temp.( ℃): 600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃): ±0.1~0.5

Product Details

The first-order machine for TSE series parallel with the mixer to the twin screw. The twin screw speed, high shear, strong hybrid advantage, make the material fully completed plasticizing mixing, because there is no head back, so that we can arrange for screw combination of different materials and flexible, achieve the best mixing. Twin-screw extruder realizes transportaion, high effective plastizing and compounding,dispersion.

In order for the SJ series single screw extruder. Low speed characteristics of the deep groove screw provides processing environment of low shear, at the same time with the barrel cooling, prevent the plasticized material produce the phenomenon of thermal decomposition at high pressure extrusion; is conducive to the realization of process different, to maximize the advantage of equipment, improve production eficiency;

  • Specially manufactured screw and barrel to guarantee precision and quality
  • International brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed
  • SIEMENS touching screen PLC control system,highly intelligent, easy to operate.

Application Scope of the Two stage granule making machine

  • Material melting, plasticizing and extruding
  • Extrusion process parameters optimization
  • Compounding, mixing, and kneading process parameter optimization
  • Good at processing heat-sensitive material and devolatilization operaial .Such as PVC, XLPE, Zero halogen cable, shield material, carbon black etc
  • Suitable for processing all types of heat-sensitive materials. such as PVC. XLPE. low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable, shielding material

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Parameter Description
Screw Diameter(mm) 52-120/65-150/75-180/95-200
L/D Ratio 24~64&7~20
Motor Power(kW) 30~250
Max. rotating speed(rpm) 0~500
Max.Temp.( ℃) 600
Temp.control accuracy( ℃) ±0.1~0.5
Screw tolerance(mm) ±0.001~0.01
Output(kg/h) 100~1500
Weight(kg) 6000~25000
Diemension(mm) Customized

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